The Best Songs on Imagine Dragons' Album 'Mercury - Act 2'

Have you listened to Imagine Dragons' highly-anticipated sixth studio album Mercury - Act 2 yet?! Released through Kidinakorner and Interscope Records, the alternative LP serves as Mercury - Act 1's better half, together forming the Grammy Award-winning pop rock supergroup's ultimate double album. The Las Vegas native band pours its heart and soul into the record's 18 tracks, fusing their signature sound with powerful lyrics and strong production. Some of the album's top songs include “Sharks,” “Higher Ground,” “Ferris Wheel,” “Younger,” “Continual (feat. Cory Henry)," and of course its leading single “Bones.”

How do the album's tracks compare to Imagine Dragons' greatest previous works? Which of these bangers will surpass one billion streams? Vote up the best songs on Mercury - Act 2, and vote down the tracks that don't live up to Imagine Dragons' top singles. 

  • Sharks
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    Best lyrics:

    So let it go, let it go
    That's the way that it goes
    First you're in, then you're out
    Everybody knows
    You're hot, then you're cold
    You're a light in the dark
    Just you wait and you'll see
    That you're swimmin' with sharks

  • Bones
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    Best lyrics:

    Playing with a stick of dynamite
    There was never gray in black and white
    There was never wrong 'til there was right
    Feeling like a boulder hurtling
    Seeing all the vultures circling
    Burning in the flames I'm working in
    Turning in a bed that's darkening

    My patience is waning
    Is this entertaining?

  • Higher Ground
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    Higher Ground

    Best lyrics:

    This life is such a ride
    I live until I die
    I walk into the fire
    I'm searching for the higher ground
    What a life
    I live until I die
    Won't fail unless I try
    I'm searching for the higher ground

  • Sirens
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    Best lyrics:

    Fall right down to the bottom
    Boy with a motto
    Stay, but I oughta leave, and trust me, my heart bleeds
    I feel everything, I
    Drip, drop, drink out of the bottle
    Boy with a heart of gold, get run over by heaven knows what
    Weary soldier, I get older, life gets colder