The Best TV Shows That Use Improvisation

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Improvised sitcoms aren't completely made up on the fly, but they do have uniquely flexible scripts that allow them to find the funny in a more naturalistic way. Many improvised series are presented as documentary-style shows, which creates the narrative room for the often less polished results of improvisation.

Curb Your Enthusiasm might be the most well-known improvised situation comedy, and the most improvised. Using simple outlines with a single paragraph summarizing each scene the show relies on the actors' ability to improvise and play off of each other. The outline-as-script method is how most improvised sitcoms maintain their structure over a season while keeping things loose within each episode. Even the animated Home Movies initially worked from scene outlines, with the animation created to match the resulting voice work. Reno 911! - both the original and the Quibi reboot - are also famously improvised. More traditional sitcoms such as Parks & Recreation or The Office were not completely improvised but did leave copious wiggle-room in the scripts for their talented casts to shine.

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