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The Best Movie Trailers Containing the Words 'In a World...'

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Among the best movie trailers of all time you're very likely to hear the words "in a world" (or its cousins "in a time" and "in a place") and flash back to the glory days of the movie trailer when you didn't see all the best parts of a movie in the 2 minutes preceding the flick you actually went to see. Though it's not as prevalent a theme in the top movie trailers of 2013, the mood conveyed by a deep voice and the words "in a world..." lets you know what kind of cinematic roller coaster you're potentially strapping into. This list of the best "In a world..." trailers will reintroduce you to a smattering of classic movie trailers and perhaps result in you talking with an exceptionally deep voice for the rest of the day.

Pioneered by Don LaFontaine, one of most famous voice over artists of all time, the line "in a world..." became such a parody of itself in the late '90s and early '00s that it's actually making a comeback as a genuine line used in movie trailers. Even though it's been parodied from one end of the world to another (LaFontaine even parodied himself in a series of Geico commercials), the classic movie trailer line still holds weight and let's the audience play along with the goofiness (or seriousness) of the film trailer.

What are the best movies trailers that start with in a world? How many movie trailers have the line in a world? Don LaFontaine made the line infamous, and now you can see all the top trailers with the famous "in a world line". Enjoy and upvote the "in a world" trailers you think best use the iconic movie trailer line.
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