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In-Flight Pictures Of The Best Passengers You Would Totally Share An Aisle With

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When you travel by airplane, usually you find yourself surrounded by stinky, slobbering animals who know nothing about etiquette or personal boundaries. But sometimes you luck out and meet actual animals on planes who make the lack of legroom and terrible airline food worth it. Pets on planes, while formerly a rarity, pop up more and more frequently as travel becomes more accessible. Animal passengers on airlines come in all sizes and species, especially now that many people take their service animals on planes. Dogs on planes appear the most frequently, but birds and ponies also turn up in the aisle on occasion. One dignified penguin even put to rest the myth that the species is "flightless." Hopefully when you fly home for the holidays, you'll meet some airborne animals who don't happen to be pulling Santa's sleigh.

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    When You Make Eye Contact With Someone Across The Aisle

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    Every Attendant's Dream Passenger

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    Lodged Between The Seats

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    Meet Corporal Kiddy, A 12-Year Veteran Of The Marines

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