The Best India Pale Ales

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Searching for the best beer for your gathering? Look through this list of India Pale Ales to find the brew you and your buddies should be drinking. Whether its a football game or night in the bar, you're sure to be faced with choosing an IPA at some point. India Pale Ales have a strong aroma of hops, and range from gold to amber in appearance. Identifying IPAs is easy because of the smell and color. 

IPAs have been around since the early 19th century. They were originally brewed in England, but in 1840, demand soared. People around the world wanted what was known as India Pale Ale. This style of beer is brewed in many countries, including the USA. Certain IPAs, including the double or imperial IPAs, have an alcohol content above 7.5%.

Maybe you've tried one IPA and are looking to try another, but aren't sure which one is best. There are many popular India Pale Ales on the market that can be located in grocery and convenience stores. Certain specialty brews may be a little harder to track down. Read through this list of top rated India Pale Ale beers to see what others enjoy. You may just find your next favorite brew. 
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