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The Sweetest And Most Delicious Candy From India

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You may not realize it, but some of the best candies and sweets come from India! While most foreigners think of curry-flavored dishes when they consider the types of food made in India, the locals know all too well of the many different types of  Indian desserts and delicacies popular throughout the country. Unlike other regions, the best Indian sweets are made without chocolate and cocoa powder. In fact, some of these sweets are only made with sugar and nuts and are 100% vegetarian-friendly. 

Whether you're from India or have just visited, odds are you've had some of these treats while you were there. Take Kaju Katli as an example. The soft and sugary sweet is actually made from ground cashews and is one of the most popular dishes in India.

Find your candy brand below and vote it up to see which of these popular treats rises to the top! If your favorite Indian candy brand or sweet is missing, add it to the list.

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    Kaju Katli

    What is it? Popular Vegetarian sweets that are made from cashews and sugar. They're deceptively sweet and are generally very soft and chewy.

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    What is it? Brittle sesame seed wafers that are often mixed with other toppings. While there are tons of different versions with various ingredients, peanuts are the most common.

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    Pulse Candy

    What is it? Mango-flavored candies with a tart and tangy center. In addition to mango, these candies also come in orange, guava, litchi, pineapple, and other fun flavors.

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    Soan Papdi

    What is it? Traditional Indian sweets that are usually eaten after a particularly spicy meal. Usually made with flavors like strawberry or mango, it's often served in a cube and is very flaky.

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    What is it? Egg-shaped sweets traditionally made from flour, fat, butter, and sugar. While usually sold as is, they sometimes contain nuts, raisins, and other sweet ingredients.

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    Fennel Candy

    What is it? Tiny licorice candies that are best eaten after a meal. The fennel adds a minty flavor and is a great little post-meal candy.

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    What is it? Imarti is made from deep-fried flour and is cooked in a circular ring shape. Even though it typically comes in vibrant colors, the taste is usually on the sweeter side. Saffron is usually added to give it it's bright colors.

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    Khatta Meetha

    What is it? This sweet-yet-spicy mix of rice, noodles, and nuts is a popular snack that is both 100% vegetarian and 100% delicious. The spicy flavor is counteracted by the sweet noodles.

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    What is it? This sweet desert is made from sugar, saffron, pistachio nuts, and other flavorings. Hailing from the city of Uttar, it's one of the most popular sweets in India.

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    What is it? Petha is made from ground-up vegetables topped with a heavy dose of sugar. They're usually sold as rectangular candies and are said to be one of the oldest sweets in India.

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    Rani Imli Goli

    What is it? Small tamarind-infused candies that pack a powerful punch. Great as a mint or a sweet, these candies are also made with nutmeg and ground pumpkin seeds.

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  • 12
    Mysore Pak

    What is it? Popular vegetarian sweet that's typically made with milk, sugar, and ghee. Originating in Souther India, it resembles traditional fudge in both look and texture.

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    Parle Kismi Toffee

    What is it? Chocolate toffee sweets that are similar to a Tootsie Roll (at least in the packaging) but are often described as being slightly sweeter.

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  • 14

    What is it? Ball-shaped Indian sweets that are packed with almonds, dates, raisins, sugar, and more. Topped with crystalized sugar, they're a hearty and sweet little snack.

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    Pan Pasand Gold Candy

    What is it? Traditional Indian sweets that are typically eaten after a meal. Unlike other mints, these are extra chewy, so you may not want to use them as a breath mint.

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