The Best Musical Artists From Indiana

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Only artists born or raised in Indiana or bands formed in Indiana.

Here are the best artists and bands from Indiana. Some of the biggest musical acts of all time came out of Indiana. The state has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to the music industry. Indiana was one of the first states where jazz really started to become popular outside of Louisiana. Several record companies, including Vee-Jay Records and Gennett Records, are based out of the state, so numerous country, blues, and jazz albums have been made right here. It may be tough to decide who the best musical artists from Indiana are, but you should be up for the task. 

None other than the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was born in Indiana. Along with the rest of The Jackson 5, the entire Jackson family has created a string of hits over the decades. However, they are not the only big names that used to call Indiana home. John Mellencamp, Axl Rose, and Babyface were also either born or raised in the Hoosier State. While they have all made different types of music over the years, they have all made their fellow Hoosiers proud. Other popular Indiana artists include David Lee Roth, Freddie Gibbs, The Ataris, and Jeremy Camp.

This list has the most famous Indiana musical artists of all time. Now is your chance to vote for your favorites and show Hoosiers some love. 

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