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The Best Indianapolis Colts Coaches of All Time

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Since the team's start in Baltimore, the Colts have had a ton of great coaches. That being said, who is truly the best Indianapolis Colts coach of all time? Help us answer that question by upvoting your personal favorite Indianapolis Colts head coaches, and downvoting any that you believe brought the team down.

Baltimore Colts coach Don McCafferty led the franchise to a Super Bowl victory in 1970, narrowly defeating the Dallas Cowboys by a score of 16-13. As a Colts coach McCafferty's record was 22-10 in the regular season, which was good but nothing compared to Don Shula's 71-23 record as Colts coach from 1963-1969.

Modern day Colts coaches include names like Tony Dungy, Jim Mora (Playoffs?) and Jim Caldwell. Who is the greatest Indianapolis Colts coach of all time? Let us know by upvoting for your favorite head coaches below that you believe really made an impact on the franchise.
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