The Best Indianapolis Colts Kickers Of All Time

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The best Indianapolis Colts kickers ever have all had a part in some of the biggest moments in franchise history. NFL games can be won and lost by one or two points, making every made or missed kick of the greatest importance and every starting kicker a potential hero.

While recent stars like Adam Vinatieri and Mike Vanderjagt have made their mark in the Colts’ past, early standouts like Dean Biasucci and Lou Michaels helped craft their own legacies in the old days of the franchise.

So which of these kickers from Indianapolis Colts history deserves to rank near the top of the list? Who are the best Colts kickers of all-time? Vote below, and check back to see what other football fans thought.

Photo: Keith Allison / Wikimedia Commons
  • Adam Vinatieri

    Colts career: 2006–2019

    Career accomplishments:
    Super Bowl XLI champion
    1× Pro Bowl (2014)
    1× First-team All-Pro (2014)

  • Dean Biasucci

    Colts career: 1984–1994

    Career accomplishments:
    1× Pro Bowl selection (1987)
    2× All-Pro selection (1987, 1988)

  • Colts career: 1998–2005

    Career accomplishments:
    Pro Bowl (2003)
    All-Pro (2003)
    PFW Golden Toe Award (2003)

  • Colts career: 2004-2006

  • Matt Stover
    19 votes

    Colts career: 2009

  • Jim O'Brien

    Jim O'Brien

    30 votes

    Colts career: 1970–1972

    Career accomplishments:
    Super Bowl V champion
    1970 AFC Champion