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The Best Indie Games on Xbox Game Pass

Updated August 9, 2019 107 votes 30 voters 1.9k views46 items

If you have a subscription for the Xbox Game Pass on your Xbox One, there are tons of amazing indie titles just waiting to be played. Let's take a look at the best indie games available on Xbox Game Pass, including indie hits like Alien Hominid, puzzle-platform games like The Swapper, and even ridiculously successful games like The Escapists, which has been ported to nearly every platform imaginable since its debut.

If you’re partial to games that frighten you, check out Layers of Fear. In this psychological horror game, players take control of an insane painter trying to complete his greatest work… all while stumbling through a creepy Victorian mansion and solving puzzles along the way. If your preferences lay with a more action-adventure type of gameplay, Toy Soldiers may be more to your liking. This action and strategy game lets you play with the same plastic soldiers you knocked about as a child, but this time, they are engaged in a full-scale war. Other great options include Battleblock Theater, Braid, and Observer, a creepy cyberpunk walking simulator that is definitely worth a playthrough if you're into sci-fi.

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