The Best Indie Rock Albums of 2013

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Only indie rock albums released in the 2013 calendar year.

This is a list of the best Indie Rock Albums of 2013. You have been waiting for this moment for--it feels like--your entire life, and finally the time has come to judge what you think is the greatest indie album of 2013!

What is the greatest indie release of 2013? Was My Bloody Valentine's comeback album worth the long wait? Is Jake Bugg all he is cracked up to be? Or was this the year of Vampire Weekend or Arcade Fire?

Well what is indie rock anyway? It's actually one of the most non-descriptive genre definer in music, possibly beaten out by the term "pop." Indie stands for Independent, and came out of the 80s and the 90s from bands and labels that were independent of major labels and subsequently had little cash to spend on recording and distributing. Luckily, this struggle made their music more real, more tangible, closer to home, raw and genuine and turned common punks into people with actual musical skills with a heart to boot. Thus, "Indie" music came about. 

Some might argue that we've come to a point where much of indie music has lost its credibility as its success and audience has broadened, some bands reaching a point to be almost categorized as pop. But honestly, who cares? All that really matters is if the music is good, or if it sucks and we can all forget about it that much easier.

This is the list of the best indie rock albums of 2013. Vote or rerank this list based on what artist you think had the best indie album. There are plenty of great choices on this list, but if you think someone is missing, feel free to add them.
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