The Best Insect Pokémon, Ranked

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Vote up your favorite insect-inspired Pokémon, which includes butterflies, beetles, and other crawly critters.

They’re creepy, they’re crawly, they’re insect Pokémon! With more than 800 different types of Pokémon, it’s not a surprise to see so many different kinds of critters. These interesting insects come in all different shapes and sizes - from cute four-legged creepy crawlies to scary spiders and more.

As traditional bug types, these insects are usually super effective against physics and dark Pokémon and are great to have in a pinch. While fire and flying types may be their Achilles heel, they can usually hold their own with other types of Pokémon. Which of these insects is your favorite? 

From adorable little critters like Caterpie to full-blown Pokémon powerhouses like Golisopod and Scizor, vote up all your favorite insects from every generation. And if your best bug is missing, add them to the list!

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  • Scizor
    Pokémon Diamond and Pearl
    198 votes
    • Characters by Series: Pokémon
    • Characters by Genre: Console role-playing game, Role-playing video game
    • Characters by Developer: Game Freak
    • Characters by Device: Nintendo DS

    Generation: 2

    Type: Bug, Steel

  • Scyther
    236 votes

    Generation: 1

    Type: Bug, Flying

  • Volcarona
    166 votes

    Generation: 5

    Type: Bug, Fire

  • Heracross
    158 votes

    Generation: 2

    Type: Bug, Fighting

  • Mega Beedrill
    150 votes

    Generation: 1

    Type: Bug, Poison

  • Golisopod
    140 votes

    Generation: 7

    Type: Bug, Water