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The Best Instant Family Movie Quotes

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These Instant Family movie quotes provide some great insight as to just how funny the film really is. Following a couple who wants to take the next step in life by adopting children, Instant Family takes a comical look at adoption, family life, and even raising teenagers. Sean Anders, who directed the Daddy's Home movies, directed this film with a screenplay written by himself and John Morris. The film opened theatrically on November 16, 2018 and is full of hilarious banter and touching lines.

In Instant Family, Pete (Mark Wahlberg) and Ellie (Rose Byrne) decide they are ready to adopt a child. They attend an orientation put on by the foster care. While there, they meet Lizzy (Isabela Moner), Juan (Gustavo Quiroz) and Lita (Julianna Gamiz), and decide to adopt all three siblings. Going from zero children to three instantly proves to be more of a struggle than they thought. Pete and Ellie need to learn to grow, along with the children themselves, to become a loving family.

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    Thanks, Daddy

    [Lita runs up with her broken doll]
    Pete: Alright, let me fix it, okay?
    Lita: Thanks, Daddy.
    Pete: I just got my first Daddy!
    [Ellie shoves Pete]
    Pete: Ow, what the…
    Ellie: You suck. I want some of that.
    [Ellie runs after Lita wanting to help with something]
    Ellie: Hey, honey, can I help you with anything?
    Lita: No.

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    Pete: Everybody's avoiding them, I'm going to go and say hi.
    Ellie: But they're teenagers, okay. They use drugs and they watch people play video games on YouTube. We're not equipped for any of that.
    Lizzie: Hi. Just FYI, we can all hear you.
    Ellie: Hmm?
    Lizzie: It's okay, go and mingle with the kiddies and don't give it another thought. Buh-bye.
    Ellie: She was cool.

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    That's Wrong

    Karen: Lizzie comes with two younger siblings.
    Pete: Three kids, too much.
    [Pete and Ellie look at photos of two more children]
    Pete: Oh, my God!
    Ellie: God, they're adorable!
    Pete: Why would you show us that? That's wrong.

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    No Look

    Russ: I love what you two are doing with this house, but what are you going to do with five bedrooms? You guys are obviously never having kids.
    [Ellie does a weird look]
    Russ' Wife: What was that look?
    Ellie: I did not do a look.
    Pete: You’re doing a look right now.
    Ellie: [pointing at her serious face] There's no look.
    [Russ and Ellie are walking out]
    Russ: Have a good fight, guys.

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