The Most Epic Insults From Game of Thrones

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All across the Seven Kingdoms, people are getting burned. And not just by dragons. Insults fly across the realm, whether your mother was a whore or you have no honor. No one is safe from a verbal lashing or quick put down. What are the best insults ever thrown down on Game of Thrones or in A Song of Ice and Fire?

Some characters are known for their sharp wit and frequent barbs. Tyrion Lannister is the most prolific insulter in Westeros. He can take it just as well as he can dish it out and is never wanting for a great comeback. Insults must run in the Lannister blood, as Cersei can also be relied upon for an epic burn. However, she usually lacks the wordplay and artistry of Tyrion, choosing instead to hurt her target as deeply as possible.

Many GoT insults focus on the target's birth. Was your mother a whore? Get ready to hear about it for the rest of your life. But nothing is off limits and there's no shortage of classic jabs at another person's looks, pointed statements about one's talents (or lack thereof) on the battlefield, and sarcastic mentions of a man's lack of honor.

Vote up the absolute best insults from Game of Thrones - either the HBO series or the George R. R. Martin books. If your favorite put down isn't here, add it below, and be sure to check out more shows like Game of Thrones.

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  • Cleverness
    3,267 votes


    Cersei: You know that you're not half as clever as you think.
    Tyrion: That still makes me twice as clever as you.

    S2E1, "Valar Dohaeris"
  • Honor
    2,853 votes


    Tyrion: I'm not questioning your honor, Lord Janos. I'm denying its existence.

    S2E2, "The Night Lands"
  • Incest
    2,726 votes


    Cersei: It's all fallen on me...
    Tyrion: As has Jaime repeatedly, according to Stannis Baratheon.

    S2E2, "The Night Lands"
  • BAM!
    2,528 votes


    Cersei: “Ah yes, the famously tart-tongued Queen of Thorns." 
    Olenna: “And the famous tart, Queen Cersei."   

    Cersei: “As for your veiled threats…" 
    Olenna: “What veil?"   

    S5E6, “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”
  • Tit for Tyrion’s Tat
    1,912 votes

    Tit for Tyrion’s Tat

    Varys: “Cersei has offered a lordship to the man who brings her your head." 
    Tyrion: “She ought to offer her c—t. Best part of her for the best part of me."  

    S5E2, “The House of Black and White” 
  • Margaery puts the smackdown on Cersei.
    1,936 votes

    Margaery puts the smackdown on Cersei.

    “Can we bring you anything to eat or drink? I wish we had some wine for you, it’s a bit early in the day for us.”

    Episode: The High Sparrow