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The Best Insults From The Star Wars Movies

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List RulesVote up the sassiest insults and best burns from any of the movies in the Star Wars franchise.

While fanboying out over the space battles and lightsaber fights in Star Wars, audiences tend to gloss over all of the great one-liners that the characters use to rip on each other. Funny Star Wars insults take a myriad of forms. Some of them are self-deprecating and a lot of them are pointed at specific characters, but the most savage Star Wars burns are saved for entire planets. Every fan of the Force should have a few good Star Wars insults in their back pocket to use any time they come across a scruffy-looking nerf herder or some kind of moof milker.

The best insults from Star Wars movies find a way to cut to the very core of the character at which they’re being volleyed. Princes Leia and Han Solo are the best at dishing out Star Wars insults but every character in the galaxy far, far away has a couple of intergalactic barbs in their verbal arsenal. Read to uncover the most cutting lines among Star Wars quotes.