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The Best Intelligent Alien Movies of All Time

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Aliens are often depicted as intelligent life forms, yet a great deal of alien movies from the past don't necessarily warrant themselves as intelligent. While they may be completely entertaining, films like Mars Attacks may not be considered smart or clever—even if the writers decided to kill the aliens with blues music. Of course, this isn't to say all movies based on the extraterrestrial are the same—far from it, actually. Some of the best sci-fi movies of all time incorporate aliens into the mix, all the while coming off as intelligent films and changing the way these types of films go.

So, what constitutes a smart alien movie? Perhaps it's what a movie based around aliens doesn't include that makes it the intelligent kind. In other words, what do all of these quintessential sci-fi movies with aliens have in common? It's simple: humans and aliens in an all out war. Films like Arrival and Under the Skin, however, use aliens while also incorporating thought-provoking scenarios and social commentary throughout to ultimately become some of the more intelligent alien movies—and there are plenty more like it.

Check out the list of top alien movies below and vote up those you feel are smart and clever, or even evoke emotion within the viewer. You can also vote movies down if you don't feel they hit the mark, as well as add your own ideas of smart alien flicks to the list. Then check out our list of the best alien movies on Netflix.

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