The Best Intelligent Animated Movies of All Time

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As children, we don't always notice how intelligent and/or clever animated movies can be, but in fact, they often are. Animated flicks and cartoons are typically targeted toward children, however, adults are usually the ones taking kids to the movies, so it only makes sense the writers add a little something for adults in there too. Of course, these thought-provoking elements don't have to be geared specifically for adults, as most (if not all) animated films set out to teach kids lessons and values, or even change their perspective on certain issues. 

These intelligent animated flicks don't have to just teach lessons or provoke thought, however. The best animated films are almost always quite clever, and often appeal to a wide audience—not just young children. Take Toy Story 3, for instance. By the time it came out, any kid who saw the original in theaters was a teen or young adult. Even then, it was funny, emotional, and clever—offering something for everyone. Another prime example of an intelligent animated movie is Inside Out. In fact, how do you get "smarter" than a film about the mind? As far as animated films go, you might not.

Whether it's an animated film that makes you cry, or one with witty jokes snuck in for adults, there's a range of intelligent animated films out there. Check out the list of movies below and vote for your favorites, or those you think are best. You can also vote down movies accordingly, and even add your own ideas of smart ones to the list. 

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