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The Best Interactive Google Doodles

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Google Doodles are the marvelous interpretations of the Google logo that appear sporadically on the Google homepage to mark special occasions and anniversaries. On particularly special occasions, the Google Doodle goes interactive allowing the user a unique experience with one of the best logos in the world.

The best interactive Google Doodles allow users to shoot hoops, see the complete rotation of the earth through the changing of seasons, and even play instruments on the homepage of Google. The company has come a long way since the first days of the iconic company. The website frequently changes the Google Doodle to interactive and each new logo is more entertaining than the next.

What are the greatest Google Doodles? What events have interactive Google Doodles? Check out this list of interactive Google Doodles to find the best of what one of the world's favorite search engines has to offer for holidays like Halloween and special occasions like the Olympics. Make sure to upvote your favorite interactive Google Doodle!
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    Google Pacman

    Video: YouTube

    Friday, May 21, 2010 - To celebrate the 30th birthday of the popular arcade game Pac-Man, Google made its logo a fully-functional version of the game. Users could click "Insert Coin" instead of "I'm Feeling Lucky" to begin playing, and use their arrow keys to control. Undoubtedly, countless hours were wasted around the word as users who planned to conduct a quick web search found themselves consumed in a game they hadn't played in years.

    Due to popular demand, Google hosts this doodle permanently here .
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    London Olympics Soccer

    Video: YouTube
    August 12, 2012 - In honor of one of the most popular sports worldwide and the ongoing Olympic Summer Games in London, Google released this Doodle soccer (or football, as it's called in most of the world) game.
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    Robert Moog's 78th Birthday

    Video: YouTube
    Thursday, May 23rd - Dr. Robert Moog, in the mid-1960s, introduced the music world to the Moog Synthesizer, an organ-like instrument that featured a panel of knobs for adjusting the tones and sounds produced by the machine. The Doodle of the day features much of the same gadgetry available on the actual Moog synthesizer and even features record and playback modes. Click here to make some music
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    Jim Henson's 75th Birthday

    Video: YouTube

    September 24, 2011 - For 36 hours the Google Doodle honored legendary animator and puppeteer Jim Henson with his son, Brian Henson, posting a special tribute to his late father.

    You can see the article and the Doodle here.
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