The 20 Greatest Interspecies Relationships in Anime History

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In the real world, hearing the term "inter-species relationship" would have most people calling up an animal abuse hotline. In the world of anime, there are plenty of non-human species that are perfectly sentient and therefore can enjoy relationships with other sentient species. Interspecies anime couples can be deeply romantic because they show that love knows no boundaries, but they can also present some serious problems, including communication issues, different expectations for relationships, and outside discrimination. 

Who are the greatest anime couples that are different species? There are plenty of loving pairs to choose from. Perhaps the most famous are Dragon Ball Z's Bulma and Vegeta; a human woman and a Saiyan prince. Their relationship has its problems, but the two combine their very different types of strength to make it work. More recently, there is The Ancient Magus' Bride, which features a human girl named Chise Hatori and her fiance Elias Ainsworth, an unidentified creature with a cow skull for a head. Their relationship, though complex and imperfect, is the backbone of the series.

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