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The Best Introvert TV Characters

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Great introvert TV characters show that being introverted is different - and about so, so much more - than just being shy. In fact, many of the introverts listed here - like INPJ Liz Lemon, INTJ Sheldon Cooper, and INFP Lisa Simpson - aren't really shy at all. They are introverts in the sense that their inner world is more important to them than socializing, they can be intellectually intense, and are hyper-focused on their goals. While they may have the hardest time with small talk and crowds, they're incredibly strong in other ways.

Many TV characters who are introverts are more relatable to viewers than over the top extrovert TV characters. In fact, some viewers may even find fictional introverts more likable than their extrovert counterparts. Which of these introverted TV characters are your favorites? Vote up the characters that you love and add any others that you feel are missing. 

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