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The Best VR Apps And Games For iOS

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Vote up all the top VR apps and games every Apple user should download.

There are plenty of reasons why Apple’s flagship smartphone is so popular, and the best VR apps and games for iOS only help solidify the iPhone as one of the greatest inventions since sliced bread. There are plenty of great VR apps and games you can download from the Apple Store, although some may be better than others.  

Looking for a great sci-fi adventure? End Space VR lets you engage in epic space battles as you blow up enemy ships as you strive to live for another day - all from the comfort of your own phone (and a VR headset). And then there's InMind VR, where your character shrinks to microscopic size and enters the human body. Even if you're not into games, there are tons of free iOS VR apps out there that are really fun to mess around with.

How many of these apps have you tried? Vote up the best VR apps and games for iOS, and vote down all the ones you tried but preferred to stay grounded in actual reality.