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The Best Dog Names From Ireland

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Ireland is a place of majestic landscapes and wonderful festivals. Whether you have seen this glorious country in person or just have a little bit of the Irish in your blood, there are many ways to celebrate this wonderful land. One way in which you can do so is to give your dog a traditional Irish name. There are plenty of Irish dog names out there, and you are bound to find at least one that is the perfect fit for your pooch. 

There are numerous dog breeds that have come out of Ireland. Irish wolfhounds, Kerry Blue terriers, soft-coated Wheaten terriers, and so many others were originally bred in the country. Many of these dogs were initially bred to hunt foxes, rats, and other troublesome pests that would get into farmers' potato fields. Today, they all make for wonderful pets. Who knows? Adopting an Irish dog may even bring a little bit of the luck of the Irish to you. 

What are the best Irish names for dogs? That's up to you and other dog lovers from all over the world to decide. Vote for your favorites and see which pooches can climb to the top of the list.