The Best Irish Golfers of All Time

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Have you ever wondered how many famous golfers are from Ireland? There is no lack of skill in the country, as we demonstrate on this ranked list of the best Irish golfers, many of who you'll find among the list of the greatest golfers of all time. The poll below contains both famous men and women golfers from Ireland, most of which are professional players. Vote up who you believe to be the top golfers from Ireland, and even add any up and coming players to the list if they aren't already here.

One great Irish golfer is Darren Clarke. Clarke has 22 professional wins, 3 of which came on the PGA tour. Clarke's greatest career accomplishment came in 2011 when he would win The Open Championship. Another great golfer from Ireland is Fred Daly who has 24 professional wins. Daly also won The Open Championship in 1947.

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