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21 Tony Stark Comebacks That Hit Harder Than A Thanos Snap

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Some things in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are debatable. Which movie is the best? Who was on the right side during Avengers: Civil War? How the heck does the Quantum realm make sense?  However, one topic is not up for discussion - the fact that Iron Man is the best Avenger. (We're sorry we don't make the rules.) Robert Downey Jr.'s decades long run as Tony Stark reignited the entire Marvel franchise, and made it the behemoth it is today.

In fact, the only force more powerful than his Iron Man suit might just be his comebacks. Sure, the Earth was in grave peril, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for well-placed joke. These are the driest, most sarcastic, and unforgettable quips from Tony Stark. Burn rate: 3000.