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The Best ‘IT’ Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is that time of year when people take their favorite fears and manifest them into terrifying costumes in the name of candy or parties. While not everyone is a cosplaying expert, some of the best IT Halloween costumes come from amateurs armed with time, effort, and a love for spooky clowns.

The best Pennywise costumes don't always look exactly like Tim Curry or Bill Skarsgård did onscreen, but they capture the essence of the child-eating extraterrestrial in their own, individual ways. Of course, no one should overlook the simplicity of dressing as the ill-fated Georgie or a member of The Losers Club to their next Halloween outing; by including a few key features, clever IT costumes can be as easy and as creative as you want. 

Anyone looking for Halloween costume inspiration can turn to social media to get a idea of how to pull off Pennywise, Georgie, or the rest of The Losers Club for their seasonal scares. 

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