The Best Italian Beers

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List of top beers brewed in Italy, as chosen by beer enthusiasts, drink experts, and world travelers. Specifically, this greatest beer list incorporates only ales and lagers made and distributed in Italy.
Many of these finely crafted drinks originate from the same brewing company, which speak volumes of the fine standards of these companies. Brands like Birra Toccalmatto, Panil, Brewfist, and Birrificio bring artistically designed tastes and presentation to the beer tasting world.
This list will assist those who wonder which Italian beers people like the most. Not only native folk, but from people all around the globe will vote on the greatest Italian beers. Co-editors Eugenio Signoroni and Luca Giaccone wrote in 2013's Guida alle Birre d'Italia (Italian for "Guide to the Beers of Italy") that quality of Italy's breweries is higher than ever with Tuscany alone boasting over 30 microbreweries across its region. Italians normally craft their beers strong and tasty with significant influence from the Belgians leading to beers with high alcohol and flavor content.

So what are the strongest beers in Italy? What are the most popular Italian beers? What Italian beers can stand the test of being drank twenty in a row and still taste good? With the votes of beer drinkers from around the world on this list of Italy's best beers, the answers to these and other questions like "which beers go well with an Italian dinner" and "which breweries produce the tastiest brews?" will all be answered. Weigh in after you've drank it down yourself and make sure to add any top Italian beers not on the list of greatest beers from Italy.
Most divisive: Birra Bellazzi Alley Hop
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  • Birra Moretti (Heineken) Moretti La Rossa
    59 votes

    Birra Moretti (Heineken) Moretti La Rossa

  • Birra Bellazzi Jake
    67 votes

    Birra Bellazzi Jake

  • Forst Premium
    31 votes

    Forst Premium

  • Birra Toccalmatto Zona Cesarini
    14 votes

    Birra Toccalmatto Zona Cesarini

  • Retorto Malalingua
    11 votes

    Retorto Malalingua