The Best Italian Clothing Brands

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Italy is home to some of the hottest fashion epicenters in the world, including Milan, Florence, and Rome. So perhaps it's not surprising that some of the top clothing brands in the world had their start in this storied country. But which of these apparel companies is the very best is open to debate. Some good Italian-made apparel is designed especially for the modern man, while other good Italian clothing is best suited for women on the go. Many of the best Italian clothing brands are go-to makers for A-listers and celebrities.

What companies will you find on this list of the best Italian clothing brands? Giorgio Armani is synonymous with Italian fashion. This luxury fashion house makes everything from ready-to-wear tops to gorgeous haute couture gowns. Gucci is another high-end company that makes beautiful Italian clothing. Since 1913, Prada has specialized in purveying stylish clothing and top-of-the-line accessories. Other good companies featured on this top Italian clothing brands list include Miu Miu, Lotto Sport Italia, and Max Mara.

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Most divisive: Miu Miu
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