The Best Supporting Characters on Always Sunny

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Supporting/minor characters only. Dennis, Mac, Dee, Charlie, and Frank do not qualify for this list.

Do you watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Even if you're a diehard IASIP fan would you have ever predicted that the hilarious FX comedy would run for longer than Friends? More than 10 seasons in it's still growing strong, and though the main gang of Mac, Dennis, Dee, Charlie, and Frank are some of the best characters on television, Sunny has an amazing supporting cast as well. Which minor and supporting Always Sunny characters are the most fun to see pop in and out? It's time to vote!

Always Sunny is always full of fantastic supporting roles. Everyone from the many, many, McPoyles to Rickety Cricket, Maureen Ponderosa, and of course, the Waitress. The leads wouldn't be able to have the fun they have without this incredible IASIP guest stars and supporting cast.

This list ranks the best It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia supporting characters and needs your votes! Vote up the greatest minor characters to ever stop in at Paddy's Pup on this great TV comedy below!
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  • Rickety Cricket
    374 votes

    Rickety Cricket

    David Hornsby
  • Liam McPoyle
    334 votes

    Liam McPoyle

    Jimmi Simpson
  • Jack Kelly
    311 votes

    Jack Kelly

    Andrew Friedman
  • Mac's Mom
    245 votes

    Mac's Mom

    Sandy Martin
  • The Attorney
    304 votes

    The Attorney

    Brian Unger
  • Charlie's Mom
    232 votes
    Lynne Marie Stewart