The 15 Best Iyashikei Anime That Will Lift Your Spirits

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If you've seen a slice of life anime, there's a good chance you've also dabbled in iyashikei anime. These anime can be about anything, and they tend to be slow-paced and peaceful – the complete opposite of action anime. Their stories meander as they draw viewers into their worlds, giving them a relaxed, joyful feeling. Iyashikei anime are meant to help audiences momentarily put aside their troubles and remember to appreciate the small delights of life.

So put aside your worries, and enjoy these cozy iyashikei shows about polar bears who run cafes, groups of friends who love each other, and more. 


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    Laid Back Camp

    Laid Back Camp
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    Rin Shima loves going camping alone in the winter, but when she meets the clueless and bubbly Nadeshiko, her solitude is interrupted. Fortunately, it's not a bad thing, because the girls end up enjoying camping together, and they bring other friends along for the adventure. This is a relaxing show about cute girls enjoying an unusual hobby, as well as a fun, low-key way to learn about camping.

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    What happens when five students in totally different age groups wind up in one classroom in their tiny town? You'll find out if you watch Non Non Biyori, a slice of life iyashikei anime about the daily lives of those kids. The colorful imagery and fun, relaxing music make it easy to get sucked into this cheerful series. It creates an immersive environment perfect for helping you forget whatever's stressing you out at the moment.

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    Mushishi is a bit darker than the typical iyashikei series. Ginko is a mushishi, which means he's in charge of solving problems created by mushi, mysterious creatures that serve as the elemental building blocks of life. Sometimes, these problems can be quite serious, but at other times, they're neutral or even positive. No matter the mood or plot, the animation is gorgeous and captivating.

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    Flying Witch
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    Have you ever wanted to watch an anime version of Harry Potter, but without all the scary Voldemort stuff? Then Flying Witch, an anime about a young witch-in-training, might be for you. Though Makoto Kowata goes to an ordinary high school, the magic surrounding her makes up for the mundane.

    Much of the anime is cheerful and relaxing, but there are also things like screaming mandrakes that can come off as creepy if you're not prepared.