The Best Jacksonville Jaguars of All Time

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A list of the the best Jacksonville Jaguars of all time. The Jaguars are one of the NFL's more recent franchises. Formed in 1995, the Jaguars combined smart personnel moves with a top coaching staff led by Tom Coughlin to become one of the NFL's quickest expansion success stories. Despite a 4-12 first year campaign, many of the greatest players in Jaguars history got significant playing time during that humbling season. By the end of the decade, players like Tony Boselli, Mark Brunell and Jimmy Smith were considered hands down some of the best players in the league and easily the best in the Jaguars short history. These Jaguars were considered superstar players and helped the team go to two AFC Championship games in the late '90s.

The 2000s weren't as kind to the Jaguars as the franchise's early years. Despite fielding some of their best players ever, the team has failed to match the success of the Coughlin era. Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew spearheaded a powerful rushing attack and were considered superstars at the running back position, but they could only take the team so far. Both Jones-Drew and Taylor are each considered the best running backs in the NFL and the best running backs of all time respectively. 

This list of the best Jacksonville Jaguars dates back to the team's formation in 1995. If you notice someone who is missing from this list of all time Jaguars, feel free to add him. Vote or rerank this list of the greatest Jaguars ever according to who you think should be considered the best in franchise history. 
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  • Tony Boselli
    1,053 votes

    Tony Boselli

  • Fred Taylor
    1,182 votes
    Running back
  • Jimmy Smith
    880 votes

    Jimmy Smith

    Wide receiver
  • Maurice Jones-Drew
    1,147 votes
    Running back, Return specialist
  • Mark Brunell
    839 votes
  • Calais Campbell
    380 votes

    Calais Campbell

    Defensive end