The Best Jamie Oliver Shows, Ranked

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When it comes to celebrity chefs, not many can top the work of Jamie Oliver. The prolific chef has worked on a long list of popular food shows, including his first hit, The Naked Chef. Of course, he started out like most chefs—working his way throughout England as a cook until being discovered. In the time since, he's become not only one of the greatest chefs, but one of the top food show personalities. 

The list of Jamie Oliver shows is quite impressive, as he's hosted a range of series throughout his career. From traveling the world with shows like Jamie's Kitchen Australia and Jamie's Great Italian Escape to helping improve the meals at a school in Jamie's School Dinners, he's really done it all. Of all the shows with Jamie Oliver though, Oliver's Twist has got to be one of the best. In short, if you haven't checked out any of his shows, you're surely missing out on both great recipes and great entertainment. 

Now it's up to you to determine the best Jamie Oliver TV shows. Take a look at the complete list below and vote up your favorites, or those you think are the top series. You can also vote shows down accordingly.

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  • Jamie Cooks Italy
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    Jamie Cooks Italy

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