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The Best Janet Episodes of 'The Good Place'

Updated 1 Jun 2020 76 votes 15 voters10 items

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*Beep Boop* Hello. Janet from The Good Place is good. She doesn't waste time and she gets right down to business. Janet doesn't have the ability to embellish, or exaggerate, or act in any way that is not the absolute best. In keeping with the spirit of Janet, this list will provide you with the best Good Place episodes with Janet in them. It will do no more, and no less.

Before we start, here's a fun fact: Janet is hilarious. Although she's not programmed for comedy. Still, when she appears in a central storyline on an episode of The Good Place, that episode is instantly made 47.3% better. That's just math. 

So let's click the buttons with our human fingers and vote up the best Janet episodes of The Good Place. *Beep Boop* Don't forget to also check out other great shows like The Good Place!

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