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The Best Fictional Janitors

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Janitors often don't get the respect they frankly deserve. They clean up our schools and businesses to make them sanitary for all of us to use. Fortunately, they have gotten recognition in various movies and television shows over the years. Join us as we rank the greatest janitor characters of all time. These characters may sweep floors, but they also swept our hearts.

The best janitor characters are always there, doing their job and offering some friendly advice once in a while to the primary protagonists when they need it. Springfield Elementary would fall into ruin if Groundskeeper Willie wasn't there mopping up after all of Bart's pranks. Paddy's Pub wouldn't be able to pass a simple health inspection if Charlie Kelly didn't know exactly what to do to get a passing grade. Even after Forrest Gump became a millionaire, he worked as a groundskeeper for his old high school. He just loves the work that much. Which janitor is your favorite?

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