The Best Japanese Brands

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Some of the biggest companies in the world are based in and began in Japan. From the world's largest automobile manufacturers like Toyota and Honda to leading electronics companies and trendy Japanese clothing brands, Japan has had a huge impact on the global business and consumer market. But which are the best Japanese brands available to consumers?

We've assembled the largest and most popular Japanese companies and brands for your perusal. Do you think Japanese entertainment brands like Sony and Nintendo are the greatest brands Japan has to offer? Or do you prefer their top quality automobiles? If we're talking Japan, you can't forget about the food and major companies like Ajinomoto and Kikkoman are listed here, along with the best whiskey in the world, which just happens to be Japanese. Who knew?!

Of course, Japan is also know for its leading photography companies like Nikon, Canon, and Olympus. Japanese fashion brands have also been taking the world by storm, with exports like Uniqlo and BAPE.

Which Japanese companies and brands from Japan do you think are highest quality and all around best? Vote below and if any of your favorite Japanese companies are missing, be sure to add them for others to vote on!
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  • Toyota
    258 votes
    Motor Vehicles and Passenger Car Bodies, Automotive industry
    The world's leading auto manufacturer, valued at $35 billion.
  • Nintendo
    280 votes
    Consumer electronics, Video game, Interactive entertainment
    Home of Mario, Donkey Kong, and other classic video game characters.
  • Sony
    318 votes
    Consumer electronics, Motion Picture and Video Production, Semiconductor and Other Electronic Component Manufacturing
    Home of PlayStation, Sony is valued at $8.4 billion.
  • Panasonic Corporation
    194 votes
    Consumer electronics, Semiconductor and Other Electronic Component Manufacturing, Home appliance
    Valued at $5.8 billion, Panasonic is the world's fourth largest television manufacturer.
  • Honda Motor Company, Ltd
    203 votes
    Truck, Aerospace, Aviation
    Automobiles, generators, lawn mowers, and personal watercraft.
  • Canon Inc.
    148 votes
    Photography, Other Computer Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing, Photographic Equipment and Supplies
    Leading company in cameras, printers, and photography accessories. Valued at $11 billion.