The Best Types of Japanese Food

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Who's up for sushi? Sashimi? Mochi? Tea? This is a list of the absolute best Japanese foods, ranked by deliciousness. Japan has some of the most adventurous and uniquely delicious food on the planet, which is one of the many reasons why Japanese restaurants are so popular all over the world. It doesn’t matter if you like the play it safe with chicken and mixed vegetables or if you’re a more daring eater who doesn’t mind fish eyes and interesting seasoning. There’s always something delicious on the menu of a Japanese restaurant for every kind of eater and food lover. Many of these foods are made of a fantastic mix of noodles, meat, tofu, vegetables, and mochi, each making a fresh blend that’s unlike any other type of food you’ll ever eat.

What are your favorite types of Japanese foods? Are you an daring eater who is willing to try a dish like Oden, a combination of boiled radishes, eggs, fish cakes, chicken and more? Or are you more tempted by a bowl of Udon noodles?Whatever your preferences are, Japanese restaurants are the perfect place to ea t.

This list features the top Japanese dishes, made all over the world. Many of these dishes can be found on the menu of an Americanized Japanese restaurant, while others are only found in authentic restaurants in Japan.

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