The Best Denim Brands

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The best jeans and denim brands, much like the cut of the pants themselves, are a matter of opinion and often functionality. Some enjoy the designer clothing brands and wear name brand jeans like Guess and Rock & Republic while others will always pick classic jean brands like Lee and Levi's. Others prefer the most durable brands, like Wrangler, as they need these sturdy blue jeans for work.

Whatever brand of denim you like best, it's likely that you have a pair, or five, laying around somewhere close. From form fitted to functional, we all have our favorite pair of jeans that fits just right and looks great in the mirror. The best jean brands for an individual person is a matter of lifestyle, taste, and body type.

Blue jeans have been favorite fashion choices since the first pairs were created back in the 1850s by Levi Strauss (still one of the original, good jean brands around today). The denim trousers were first targeted towards cowboys, as the thicker material would protect a cowboy's legs, but soon became a popular fashion phenomenon and are an everyday favorite today.

Designer jean brands have come and gone throughout the decades, but the original and famous Levi's still remain to this day. What is your favorite jean and denim brands? What are the best names in the denim industry? Tell us by adding your pick and voting for your favorites below!

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