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The Funniest Jeff Dunham Comedy Specials

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Jeff Dunham is arguably the most famous ventriloquist working in America today. He's toured around the globe with his roster of characters, including Walter, a crotchety old man, Peanut, a hyperactive green monkey-thing, Achmed, Achmed Jr., and Bubba J, a redneck who loves beers and corn dogs. He has a massive following in part due to his impressive listing of stand-up specials. What do you think are the funniest Jeff Dunham comedy specials, and which ones do you think could have used a bit more work?

His very first special aired on Comedy Central in 2003. He was a performer on Comedy Central Presents, and he went on to perform hour-long specials that have aired on various networks since. Jeff Dunham's TV specials have aired on Comedy Central and Netflix, earning millions of views. Since 2007, Dunham has toured consistently. In addition to touring around the United States, he has also performed his specific brand of comedy to citizens of England, Canada, Finland, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Israel, Malaysia, and others.

If you are a fan of Jeff Dunham or any of his zany characters, then this is the list for you. What do you think are the best Jeff Dunham TV specials? 


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