The Best Jellal Fernandes Quotes
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The Best Jellal Fernandes Quotes

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He's one of the most beloved characters in Fairy Tail, so naturally there are a ton of good Jellal Fernandes quotes that are worth taking a second look at. A childhood friend of Erza, Jellal was a dark mage before he lost his memory that would do anything to revive Zeref. Due to the complex nature of this character, many Jellal Fernandes quotes are very sad, although many are inspirational and thought provoking - "Tears are how our heart speaks when your lips cannot describe how much we've been hurt." is one of many Jellal quotes that prove this character has depth.

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  • The Loneliest People
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    The Loneliest People

    "The loneliest people are the kindest. The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged people are the wisest. All because they don't wish to see anyone else suffer the way they did.

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  • My Light
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    My Light

    "It's your words that gave me courage. It became my light that would guide me towards the right path again."

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  • I Don't Deserve You
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    I Don't Deserve You

    “I love you… You’re my life, my world, my heart beat… But I don’t deserve you after what I’ve done in the past.”

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  • Tears
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    "Tears are how our heart speaks when your lips cannot describe how much we've been hurt."

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  • Beautiful Scarlet
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    Beautiful Scarlet

    "Such beautiful scarlet hair....Why don't we call you 'Erza Scarlet'? It's the color of your hair, that way, I won't forget it!"

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  • I Bet You Will Keep Hating Me
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    I Bet You Will Keep Hating Me

    “I bet you will keep hating me, it can’t be helped. I deserve it, but hatred will steal your hearts freedom.”

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