The Very Best Jell-O Flavors

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List of every Jell-O flavor in the world, including discontinued and regional varieties. Vote up your favorite type of Jell-O gelatin.


Jiggly, sweet, and refreshing, Jell-O has been a consumer favorite for decades. But what's the very best kind of Jell-O? It's hard to pick - the brand offers all types of desserts and puddings, and every flavor offers something a little bit different. Some delicious Jell-O flavors are fruity, while other popular Jell-O gelatin flavors are full of chocolatey goodness. Many of the most popular Jell-O flavors have been discontinued, but foodie fans still count them among the best. 

What desserts will you find on this list of the top Jell-O flavors? Cherry Jell-O is a staple at backyard barbecues, and makes for a refreshing Jell-O shot for adults. Lemon-lime Jell-O is another one of the greatest flavors of the popular dessert. Bubble gum was a playful Jell-O flavor that has since been discontinued. Other good Jell-O flavors featured on this list include apricot, strawberry daiquiri, and watermelon. There are even some more unusual jello concoctions like maple syrup and orange banana.

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