The Greatest Movies About Jesus Christ, Ranked

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Movie featuring Jesus Christ as a character.

A list of the best-ever films featuring Jesus of Nazareth as a main character, ordered by the Ranker community. Vote up your picks for the essential movies about Jesus to see which ones reach the top of the list. (See here for a complete list of all movies featuring Jesus Christ as a character.) These are the best Jesus Christ movies of all time, from new to old, and are a great way to learn more about Jesus's life. There are even some good movies based on Jesus are cartoon movies. The Passion of the Christ is probably one of the most famous movies about the death of Christ.

Films about Jesus range from serious dramas and recreations aiming for realism and accuracy to outrageous comedies that take Bible stories as a starting point for satire. In many of these films, the traditional Jesus story is tweaked or reworked from a modern perspective (as in Jean-Luc Godard's Hail Mary). Which movies are the most essential cinematic depictions of Jesus, however, remains up to you. Vote on the best Jesus movies and use this Jesus Christ movies list to learn about films you didn't know about and share your knowledge with others.

What are the best Hollywood Jesus Christ movies? Take a look at this list and vote up the ones you like most. Then be sure to check back for the latest and recent movies about Jesus as they are released.


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