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It's not often a band's debut album remains as one of their best, but so is the case for the Jimi Hendrix Experience and their first album, Are You Experienced. It was this album Jimi Hendrix would display his skills on the guitar (despite prior released singles), as well as behind the mic. Prior to the group, Hendrix was a simple backing guitarist looking to make it big—and with a little help, he most certainly did. Just months after forming, the Jimi Hendrix Experience were recording what would become some of the best hard, psychedelic rock music to ever be released—and perhaps one of the greatest albums ever. That is, Are You Experienced.

Easily the most notable songs from Are You Experienced are singles "Purple Haze", "Hey Joe", and "The Wind Cries Mary", the former two having been released prior to the album release. Regardless, these three tracks truly set the album apart from others of its time. Of course, it's not just these singles that made the album such a popular hit. All the songs on the album feature Hendrix's incredible guitar playing, alongside his deep, drawn out vocals. 

With a lineup of so many great tracks, how do you determine the best songs from Are You Experienced? By voting! Check out each song below, have a listen, and cast a vote for your favorite songs to rank them best best. 

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