The Best J.J. Abrams Movies

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Although the name J.J. Abrams is practically synonymous with Star Wars nowadays, he's actually responsible for directing, writing, and producing some of the best movies of the last two decades. His career began with a bang in the '90s, and he's been bringing amazing ideas to life on the silver screen ever since. Take a look at this list of J.J. Abrams movies and you may even discover some films that you never knew he worked on. 

What are the best J.J. Abrams movies? Mission: Impossible III might top your list. Abrams tackled the third Mission Impossible movie as his first directorial debut. David Fincher was originally supposed to direct this film, but had to drop out due to another project. Tom Cruise actually called up J.J. Abrams because he had just finished binge-watching the first two seasons of Alias and wanted to work with him. Abrams accepted the job, and went on to direct this, and many other incredible films.  

You might also love Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness. These thrilling intergalactic adventure movies were a huge contributing factor in selecting Abrams to direct and co-write Star Wars: The Force Awakens. He won a Saturn award for Best Director, and it's gross earnings of $467 million worldwide made it the highest-grossing entry in the Star Trek franchise.  

Other films that Abrams has worked on include Super 8, Cloverfield, Morning Glory, and Armageddon. Vote up the best J.J. Abrams films below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section.
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