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The Best Career Competition Shows Ever Made

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List RulesThe competitive jobs search television series where the contestants work to win.

It’s almost impossible to turn on a television these days and not find a reality television program of some sort. One of the many popular genres in the ever-expanding field of competitive reality television is the job search competition show. These are programs made to challenge people against one another to earn a position of some sort.

This could be as the head chef of a five-star restaurant on a show like Hell’s Kitchen or it could be to take an executive position in a growing company like on The Apprentice. Whatever the show’s ultimate goal, the main focus centers around beating the other competitors to finally win and get a job or a contract.

There truly are tons of examples of this genre, but not all job search competition shows are necessarily good. There’s so much to choose from, but there are a few series that are considerably better than others thanks to the intense competitive spirit found in each episode. This list highlights the very best reality TV shows in the job search competition genre so don't forget to vote up your favorite! Also, it’s possible your favorites are missing, so make sure you add them as well!