The Best Jobs for College Students

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Top part-time jobs for a student in university

List of the best jobs for college students looking to make some money while balancing a full courseload. These part-time jobs for college kids include many off-campus that would also be suitable jobs for high school students. However, on-campus jobs may be more desirable, both because they are more flexible and because they look great on resumes. This list has been ranked by students who have learned how to make money in college and who know the best places to work for college kids. Vote for the positions you think are best to move them to the top of the list.

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  • Tutor
    143 votes


  • Teacher's Assistant (TA)
    130 votes

    Teacher's Assistant (TA)

  • Library Worker
    118 votes

    Library Worker

  • Campus Tour Guide
    112 votes

    Campus Tour Guide

  • Research Assistant
    100 votes

    Research Assistant

  • Career-Oriented Intern
    101 votes

    Career-Oriented Intern