The Best Jobs For Hipsters

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Oh, hipsters; you thrift store loving, American beer drinking, permanent look of disdain having folks are such an interesting slice of society. There are very few popular professions that really suit the temperament of a hipster; jobs that involve being nice to people, waking up before noon, wearing a uniform, and/or using the art history degree they toiled away at are all strictly unsuitable for the modern hipster. That said, you have to wonder: what are the best jobs for hipsters?

Think criticism, think alcohol, think endless opportunities to talk about yourself and you will start to conceive of jobs hipsters have. From art in its many forms to anything that involves speaking derisively about something another person has put effort into, the many professions of hipsters put to use the few likes (and myriad dislikes) of the hipster mentality. Here, in one sure-to-be-dismissed-by-hipsters list, are all the careers hipsters like (so much as they can like something that other people already like).

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    Hipsters can't exist without coffee and ironic beer, so it seems only natural that they would choose a job where they handle the caffeinated beverage of choice of so many hipster brethren.
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  • Writer
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    It can be done at home away from people or in a coffee shop in full view of people you want to make sure know you're making your living as a writer. As a bonus, many writers are horrendous alcoholics, so hipsters can work their drinking habits into their professional life. 
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  • Artist
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    If you're going to sit around and leech off of your parents or your trust fund, you have to do something that could potentially count as a job (or at least a money-making avenue) and there are SO many things that can be called "art", you're bound to come up with something passable.
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  • Thrift Store Clerk
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    Thrift Store Clerk

    First access to bags of second-hand clothing as far as the eye can see?? How do ALL hipsters not already have this job?
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    Hipsters detest contact with other people and love talking about themselves, so this job- which can be completed at home or on the sidewalk in front of some coffee shop so that people know they're blogging- is a perfect fit.
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  • Music Critic
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    Music Critic

    Hipsters love to talk about music you haven't heard of, so this is a tough one for hipsters to commit to. On the one hand, you get to give your opinion- good or bad- on a band you've discovered (before anyone else) to anyone who will listen.

    On the other, once you've told people about this band, you obviously can't be into them anymore because hipsters only like things other people don't know about or don't like.

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