The Biggest Jocks In TV History

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Strap on your helmet and get ready for the big game as we rank the greatest jocks in TV history. Whether you’re with them or against them, there’s no denying how entertaining jocks can be. Most TV jocks are often stereotyped as big, dumb oafs, and while there are certainly some of those characters on this list, these characters don't always fit those labels.

Some characters like Tim Riggins (Friday Night Lights) and Lucas Scott (One Tree Hill) have troubled lives and are layered individuals, while other jocks like Kenny Powers (Eastbound and Down) and Al Bundy (Married with Children) seem to have difficulties adjusting to not being the center of attention due to their past success as athletes. Jocks on TV can be the foil to the show’s protagonist, the comic relief, or even the star of the show. The best jock characters make you cheer for them much louder than for the team they play for, and that makes all the characters a home run!

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