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The Best 'Joe Dirt' Quotes

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List of the best Joe Dirt quotes, including images and videos of dialogue from each scene when available. Released in 2001, Joe Dirt starred David Spade, along with co-stars Brittany Daniels, Kid Rock, and Dennis Miller. Although it wasn't extremely popular when it first came out, Joe Dirt became a cult classic once it was released on DVD. During a quest to find his real parents, Joe encounters many classic characters, including the firework selling Indian Kicking Wing, a carny named Jill who might be his sister, and a mysterious man named Buffalo Bill who traps Joe in a well while asking him to rub lotion on his skin (sound familiar?) With countless one-liners and funny moments, Joe Dirt truly is one of the most underrated comedy movies of all time. Quotes below include the poo scene, the fireworks monologue, and much more.

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