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One of the most important questions in the history of science is, "Are we alone in the universe?" Numerous physicists and philosophers have pondered this question, and none other than Joe Rogan has also gotten in on the action. He frequently discusses with his guests, some of whom are professional physicists or celebrities like Tom DeLonge, about the possibility of aliens existing. While some are quick to dismiss the notion, others are willing to entertain Rogan and his listeners with theories. That's why this list counts down the best Joe Rogan alien episodes of all time. 

Where do you fall on the debate? Do you think little green men live among the stars? Or do you think life on Earth was a fluke, and we are truly alone in the universe? Is Area 51 truly holding onto extraterrestrials, or is it just a regular government site that does not hide any secrets? If you need help formulating your own opinion, then listen to a few of these Joe Rogan UFO episodes. They may just sway your opinion - or at least offer some new concepts and theories to mull over.

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  • JRE 1315
    Video: YouTube
    478 VOTES

    JRE 1315

    Guest: Bob Lazar, physicist; Jeremy Corbell, contemporary artist and documentary filmmaker.


    • Documentary Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers.
    • Lazar's work reverse-engineering extraterrestrial technology at S-4 near Area 51.
    • Putting a jet engine in a Honda.

    Original Airing: June 20, 2019

    478 votes
  • JRE 606
    Video: YouTube
    95 VOTES

    JRE 606

    Guest: Randall Carlson, architectural designer and teacher


    • Human visits from aliens.
    • How aliens could have engineered humans.

    Original Airing: February 2, 2015

    95 votes
  • JRE 1130
    Video: YouTube
    41 VOTES

    JRE 1130

    Guest: Adam Frank, physicist, astronomer, and writer


    • Adam's book, Light of the Stars: Alien Worlds and the Fate of the Earth.
    • What advanced alien technology would look like.
    • Evidence of alien civilizations.
    • How Joe thinks humans will evolve into grey aliens.

    Original Airing: June 12, 2018

    41 votes
  • JRE 911
    Video: YouTube
    63 VOTES

    JRE 911

    Guests: Alex Jones, radio show host and conspiracy theorist; Eddie Bravo, Jiu-Jitsu black belt and owner of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu


    • The first thing they would ask aliens.
    • Alex talks about how humans are receiving transmissions from other dimensions.

    Original Airing: February 1, 2017

    63 votes
  • JRE 1133
    Video: YouTube
    34 VOTES

    JRE 1133

    Guest: Dennis McKenna, ethnopharmacologist and author


    • The connection between psychedelics and aliens.
    • Whether grey aliens are actually evolved humans.

    Original Airing: June 21, 2018

    34 votes
  • JRE 1121
    Video: YouTube
    14 VOTES

    JRE 1121

    Guest: Michael Pollan, author and professor of journalism at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism


    • Whether octopi are actually aliens.
    • Religion vs. science.

    Original Airing: May 24, 2018

    14 votes