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Mysterious Joe Rogan Episodes About Ancient Egypt

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We can learn about the modern world by looking at the past. The myriad mysteries of Ancient Egypt continue to perplex historians, but there’s no denying the world would be a very different place if not for the contributions of the ancient Egyptians. While there are a lot of known facts centering around this particular time and place, there are also a lot of conspiracies, and Joe’s interviewed a number of guests over the years who have all helped to shed some light on this pivotal point in our past (though some guests seem to have more of a basis in actual science than others).

Many people believe ancient Egypt holds the key to understanding alien life. Even if otherworldly beings had nothing to do with Egypt, it is still fascinating to discuss all the pyramids, sphinxes, and other interesting monuments. Joe Rogan's guests run the gamut of topics from the plausible to the insane, but with each episode covering a different part of history, and with a different point of view, there's plenty to explore.

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