The Best Joe Rogan Episodes About Bigfoot ~Stuff~

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The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the most popular podcasts online. The show is hosted by actor, comedian, and sports commentator, Joe Rogan, who brings on a litany of guests to discuss various topics. One of Rogan's favorite topics to bring up is Bigfoot. In the middle of an otherwise regular conversation, Rogan will bring up Bigfoot and ask whether the guest believes in its existence. It's all in good fun, but it has lead to some fascinating conversations over the years. This list ranks the best Joe Rogan Bigfoot episodes. Anyone wanting an encyclopedic knowledge of where Rogan stands on yetis should absolutely check out the episodes ranked here. 

Joe Rogan enthusiasts are encouraged to vote for their favorite episodes. Which ones did you think were the most illuminating? For those just getting into The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, this list makes for a good starting point if you want to know where you should start to hear Joe Rogan and friends like Les Stroud discussing the elusive Bigfoot. It is up to all of you to vote to determine which ones are the best JRE Bigfoot episodes. Whether you believe in Bigfoot or not, you're sure to at least get a good laugh - and maybe even learn something - out of these podcasts. 

Photo: Joe Rogan Experience / YouTube

  • JRE 800
    Video: YouTube
    7 VOTES

    JRE 800

    Guest: Bobcat Goldthwait


    • Bobcat's film Willow Creek and how it involves Bigfoot evidence
    • Bobcat talks about interviewing people at a Bigfoot convention
    • Why Bobcat believes in Bigfoot
    • Why Joe Rogan wants Bigfoot to be real so badly
    7 votes
  • JRE 771
    Video: YouTube
    7 VOTES

    JRE 771

    Guest: Eddie Bravo


    • The fact Jane Goodall believes in Bigfoot
    • Testing Bigfoot feces and hair
    • People believing Bigfoot to be an interdimensional being
    • The noises Bigfoot makes
    7 votes
  • JRE 632
    Video: YouTube
    7 VOTES

    JRE 632

    Guest: Les Stroud


    • Lack of Bigfoot bones and DNA.
    • What does Bigfoot eat.
    • How many sasquatch are there?
    • Does Les really believe Bigfoot exists?
    7 votes
  • JRE 661
    Video: YouTube
    16 VOTES

    JRE 661

    Guest: Rutledge Wood


    • Bigfoot reenactments
    • Bigfoot hunters
    • Bigfoot content on Joe Rogan Questions Everything
    16 votes
  • JRE 701
    Video: YouTube
    10 VOTES

    JRE 701

    Guest: Honey Honey


    • Man in Bigfoot suit gets hit by two cars
    • The idea of fear
    • Zombies
    10 votes
  • JRE 979
    Video: YouTube
    4 VOTES

    JRE 979

    Guest: Sargon of Akkad


    • Why Black people don't look for Bigfoot
    • How people mistake bears for Bigfoot
    • Willow Creek movie
    4 votes